Our vision is to be market leader in tracking hotel construction projects worldwide

Being the parent company, PIC International owns MENA Hotel Projects; the region’s one & only hotel projects tracker.

MENA Hotel Projects has been supporting the industry for more than a decade, by offering the most precise, relevant and comprehensive hotel construction project’s database; covering all of Middle-East and North Africa.

Our subscribers are the first ones to receive leads on the top hotel projects; allowing them to offer a well-timed introduction to the decision authority of the construction projects. While our distinct AI technology & advanced search automatically identifies & filters project leads relevant to you, and sends them via notification alerts.

Our expertise are your advantage

Our expertise, experience & a massive grid of expert researchers enable us to provide accurate information on new hotel projects; a month before the traditional market, offering you an incredible head-start.

  • Bid on promising projects much before anyone else can.
  • Contacting the right people allows you to develop mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Maximize your sales by utilizing the head-start and several other benefits we offer.

We help you grow the business

Our subscribers do not have to wait for project managers or contractors to contact them, instead they can proactively approach the top hotel developers and offer their products/services before anyone else can.MENA Hotel Projects allows its subscribers to access the extensive hotel database, filter & isolate the most valuable leads; while establishing lasting & beneficial partnerships.

Team: 28 people Across MENA Region

MENA Hotel Projects comprises a youthful team that is passionate, dedicated and creative; a team that thoroughly understands the significance of accuracy and time in our business.To ensure that our clients are kept a step ahead as promised, our team of expert data analytics are constantly improving and upgrading their processes, in order to obtain precise & updated data.